Learn how to use Google Analytics to translate your data into growth

In this course you will learn Google Analytics from the basics, and up to the most advanced reports and features Google Analytics provides us.
After taking this course, you will master Google Analytics and will be confident with the data you send and present in your reports.
After completing this course you will know your audience better, understand your users’ behavior, measure your marketing campaigns efforts, customize your Google Analytics property & views to your own needs and so much more

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Do you really understand all of your data?

In this course you will learn how to approach the data, what are the most common and fastest ways to reach enhanced analysis.

What will I learn?

  • Creating and configuring an account from zero
  • Learning the history and the essence of digital analytics
  • Understanding more than 95% of Google analytics reports
  • Measuring the marketing campaigns effort
  • Creating custom reports, dashboards, goals & advanced segments
  • skill

    39 Video Lessons

    Learn Google Analytics inside out with live data that will be sent to your account

  • skill

    Master Google Analytics

    Place yourself in understanding Google Analytics at the top 2% of the world marketers.

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    Google Analytics Qualification Certificate

    At the end of this course you’ll be prepared to pass the Google Analytics Qualification exam.

Apply New Skills Immediately

Follow along in your own account to immediately apply your new skills and take quizzes during the
classes to reinforce learnings.

Will this suit me?

  • Beginners wanting to learn everything from the ground up
  • Intermediate users looking for a comprehensive understanding
  • Advanced users wanting to cover core concepts and reporting

What’s included?

  • Live data that will be sent to you account
    so that you can apply everything you learn – immediately
  • 39 video lessons to build your skills
  • Short revision quizzes at the end of every lesson

Core topics

  • Understand Google Analytics terminology
  • Best practices for correctly setting up Google Analytics
  • Measure all of your online marketing activities
  • Measure you customers interactions on your website
  • Linking Google AdWords with Google Analytics
  • Identify opportunities to improve marketing campaigns
  • Build dashboards and custom reports and custom segments
  • Create Custom Dimensions, Custom Metrics and Calculated Metrics
  • Using filters for cleaning up data within your reports
  • How to measure goal conversions

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Learn to master Google Analytics

Online classes include in-depth explanations, walk-throughs of the user interface and quizzes to test
your learning and knowledge.

It’s worth every penny to take OptimizingAudience’s courses. They not only
teach you how to use Google products but strategies and small helpful tips that really make a
huge difference.

— Sara, OptimizingAudience Graduate

Your course instructor. Benjamin Azaria is Co-Founder of OptimizingAudience and the author of most OptimizingAudience articles. He is well known as the Google Analytics master, providing solutions for companies that affect hundreds of millions of customers. He is also known as a digital data expert, applying machine learning models for optimization.

He’s very technical, sharing the latest techniques and tips for digital advertising and digital analytics. He taught this course frontally to all levels and all roles, from PPC account managers, conversion optimization experts, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) managers, Marketing Analysts, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and even students that have never even seen Google Analytics before.

Course curriculum

  1. 1. Introduction & Warming up:

    • The History of Web Analytics
    • Creating an account
    • Account, Property and View overview
    • Google Analytics scope hierarchy
    • Usage of date comparison
    • Introduction to generic Google Analytics reports
    • Google Analytics Reports and UI Overview
  2. 2. Audience reports:

    • Audience Overview
    • Active users and Cohort reports
    • Demographic and interest reports
    • Geographic (location) & Language reports
    • Behavior reports
    • Technology reports
    • Benchmark reports
    • User flow report
  3. 3. Acquisition reports:

    • Important acquisition terminology
    • Understanding how Google Analytics measures a session
    • Session and Campaign setting
    • Source and medium report
    • Linking Adwords to Google Analytics
    • AdWords reports
    • SEO reports
    • Social reports
  4. 4. Behavior reports:

    • Behavior Overview
    • Content reports
    • Landing & Exit pages reports
    • Events reports
    • Site speed reports
    • Site search reports
    • Setting up site search reports
  5. 5. Attribution:

    • Introduction to Attribution
    • Assisted conversions
    • The Multi-Channel Funnels report
    • Time Lag and Path Length reports
    • The attribution comparison tool
  6. 6. Conversion & eCommerce:

    • Conversion Introduction
    • Conversion reporting
    • Enhanced e-commerce overview
    • enhanced e-commerce shopping funnel
    • Enhanced e-commerce Product and Transactions
    • Enhanced e-commerce The Product List reports
  7. 7. Customization:

    • Custom dimension
    • Custom metric
    • Calculated metrics
    • Custom reports
    • Creating Dashboards
  8. 8. Segmentation:

    • Basic segmentation
    • Session & Users segmentation
    • Advanced segmentation Conditions
    • Advanced segmentation Sequence
    • Segmentation in action


I completed the course at my own pace while setting up our company’s
Google Analytics account. I would definitely recommend it to other professionals.

Shai, SEO manager – OptimizingAudience Graduate


I absolutely loved the course. I tried other online training and
OptimizingAudience’s is the most practical.

Yaniv, CRM manager – OptimizingAudience Graduate

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