Users metric on pre-aggregated reports in Google Analytics

users metric

Two years ago, at the Google Analytics certified partners conference, in addition to the announcement of Optimize and the Data Studio, they talked about Users metric and providing in Google Analytics more user centric reports. We live our life in moments, we can visit the same site or app several times a day/week/month, pick up from where ever we just left off. From time to time I hear more and more of my customers talking about users behavior rather sessions. Talking about users conversion rather sessions, users acquisition rather session.

The last Google Analytics certified partners conference just ended, and today, on only some properties (not even not on all that are in the same account), Google launched the Users metric as part of the pre-aggregated reports.

Google Analytics Users Metric

users metric report
This is one of the biggest changes Google Analytics has done in the past years.

Almost all of my custom reports always contained the Users metric. We’re all aware of the sampling mode we enter when creating a custom report, that contains a combination, that does not appear, in any of the pre-aggregated reports.
In this last release of Google Analytics, almost all of the non-hit scope reports contain the users metric. For example Geo, Technology, Mobile, Acquisition…
And in addition, by creating custom reports with users won’t automatically enter the sampling mode (while reaching more than 500K sessions)

Another great news in this release is that the hour-base report is unsampled!
users metric hour report unsampled
You can find it under Audience -> Overview. Almost a year ago I reported this to Google, and wrote about this in my Things you didn’t know in Google Analytics article. I’m happy they fixed this in this release. This is critical especially for properties with high volume.

This is the way it looks on a property in the previous release:
users metric hour report sampled

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