Advanced articles for marketers that use Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics API Google Analytics API

    I’ve discussed a lot about leveraging our data in GA with remarketing, firing offline data to GA (email and transactions). But what about fetching data from GA? Google Analytics enables us to fetch almost any data we want with the Google Analytics API. We’re able to escape the sampling while […]

  • The Regular Expression ultimate guide for Google Analytics The Regular Expressions ultimate guide for Google Analytics

    Many times the filters we want to apply on our report/ segment/ goal aren’t that simple and straight forwards, we understand we need to use Regular Expressions. How does it work? what does each symbol mean? After reading this article, you will master Regular Expressions (or RegEx the short way). […]

  • Data studio embedded in iframe Data Studio embedded in iframe

    Data Studio embedded in iframe? I really like using Data Studio, the visualization, the simplicity, it’s connections, even real-time from GA with my solution. One issue that keeps on been asked by my customers and most talked in the Google Data Studio community is: Ability to embed Data Studio charts […]

  • Session Quality Session Quality measure

    Google Analytics recently launched a new metric: Session Quality This new measure calculates a score for each session reflecting the user’s proximity to conversion using similar machine learning to that of Smart Lists and Smart Goals. The new metric surfaces in a new “Session Quality” report in GA and is […]

  • Google Analytics implementation Rank the Level of your Google Analytics implementation

    Over the years I’ve been working with many companies from all industries. Some I’ve got the privilege of creating their Google Analytics account from scratch and some I’ve upgraded their account from an X level (which you’ll be able to measure in this article) to the most advanced customized account, […]

  • Offline Transaction Firing Offline transaction to Google Analytics via the Measurement Protocol

    Google Analytics enables us to track almost everything that happens on the client side (online data): Every page that was viewed, every click on any banner, picture, link, icon, button etc. We also can track how much the user scrolled, for how long he stays, what product he viewed, added […]

  • Tracking email performance - open rate and clicks with your Gmail and Google Analytics Tracking email performance – open rate and clicks with your Gmail and Google Analytics

    The ability to track our emails performance was always saved for the big email marketing services tools, known as %Opens and the %Clicks. No more! using the Google Analytics Measurement Protocol in our emails we send, we can measure our email performance using Gmail. Track rather our user opened the […]

  • Google Analytics Real-Time data in Data Studio

    There’s so much that I can write about Data Studio, examine how this product serves so many needs of my customers and all free. But, this article is focused on enabling Real-Time Google Analytics data in your Data Studio sheets. For some reason, even though Data Studio has so many […]

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