Advanced articles for marketers that use Google Analytics

  • How does Google Analytics calculate a session How does Google Analytics calculate a session

    During my career I had the pleasure to hear from my customers many ways of How does Google Analytics calculate a session. Unfortunately many of them were wrong and this affects their analysis and understanding the data they see in Google Analytics. In this Article I would like to present […]

  • Tracking a single user behavior Tracking a single user behavior

    The biggest advantage of Kissmetrics, Localytics, Mixpanel and other marketing tools over Google Analytics, is tracking a single user behavior. Means you can track the behavior of a specific user. See all of his clicks, the pages he viewed, drill into the second this event happened. I would like to […]

  • Facebook insights in Google Data Studio Facebook insights in Google Data Studio Create a new data source

    Google Data Studio has launched in their recent release the ability to add custom connectors, this means you can present Facebook insights in Google Data Studio. Supermetrics and Power My Analytics are the first ones that connected some of their API’s. So that now you can present in your Data […]

  • The new Audiences Report The new Audiences report – Overview and how to configure

    Google Analytics has launched the new Audiences report. This is a very new report so you might not see it yet. The meaning of this audience in this report is: Audience to which users belonged during the current date range. Inclusion in an audience depends on when the audience was […]

  • YouTube tracking in GTM YouTube video tracking in Google Analytics with GTM

    Google Tag Manager just added a new trigger for YouTube video tracking. This is a super simple, 3 steps and you can start tracking the performance of your YouTube videos in Google Analytics. Stéphane Hamel from CardinalPath provided a javascript that enabled us to do this more than 2 years […]

  • time-to-event metric Calculating the time-to-event metric in Google Analytics

    Google Analytics does not calculate the time-to-event metric – how long did it take a user to click on a button, or fire any other event. All of the pages reports are very rich, so much more than the events. 1. We can see how many times a page is […]

  • Data Studio new release Data Studio new features Sep-2017 release

    Google Data Studio has released two days ago the latest version with more than 5 amazing features, some are real game changers! I will go over them in depth, starting with the ones that are most important New Data Studio features 1. embbeding iframe I talked about the ability to […]

  • users metric Users metric on pre-aggregated reports in Google Analytics

    Two years ago, at the Google Analytics certified partners conference, in addition to the announcement of Optimize and the Data Studio, they talked about Users metric and providing in Google Analytics more user centric reports. We live our life in moments, we can visit the same site or app several […]

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